VIDEO PREMIERE|| The Halfways: “All You Can Do Is Something About It”




Austin’s the Halfways are self-proclaimed psych-noir quintet who, despite having years of published music, withheld on a full-length LP debut until this last February. In the Interim highlights everything that is brilliant about Daniel Fernandez’s mind and the talented musicians making-up his hive. Whether working as complementary layers of one sound or falling-out into a jam session of individual meditations, the energy is being channeled through Fernandez’s mind into every mind and soul on stage.

In the Interim’s themes of meditation and introspection are visually manifested in the music video for “All You Can Do Is Something About It,” the album’s third and final single. In short, the song is about a titular situation: unfortunate circumstances have arisen, and it’s kind of all your fault. So you face a fork: stand by and watch the shit blizzard bury everything in its path, or do something about it. The video takes its viewer through that journey of forced, deep introspection.

When envisioning the music video, Fernandez said he had a very specific vision. “I wanted to make a song that ‘sounded like a painting’. Therefore, I decided to include a wide palette of colors that weave in and out over the main song foundation made up of acoustic guitar, bass and cello (played by the excellent Russell Robinson).” Fernandez looked to former schoolmate Mario Molina and his working partner Laura Desmery, who live and work out of Bueno Aires, Aregentina. Inspired by the art of Van Gogh and Monet and the films of Hayao Miyazaki, the pair brought Fernandez’s vision to actualization.

The Halfways are: Daniel Fernandez, Taylor Catherine, David Rawlinson, Erika Evans, Everett Bergstedt

Music and Lyrics: Daniel Fernandez


Check out the Halfways Live in KUTX’s Studio 1A.